• Beth Henderson/J.B. Dane



It could be because I'm having a lot of fun writing snarky detectives to life as J.B. Dane, but it isn't entirely because of those magic weilding dudes whose heads I slip into that this project came to mind.

It's because I was sorta missing romance but at the same time I'm just not feeling totally romantic comedy these days. I like mystery in stories.

Actually my first published novel was a romantic suspense comedy, NIKROVA'S PASSION. The original cover looked like this:

In 2020 I released a 30th Anniversary edition. Did some tinkering with it because my style has changed, but the story stayed the same. It still takes place in London in 1989. The cover now looks like this:

Last November, during National Novel Writing Month, I started work on a new romantic suspense, but then the holidays came along and then one thing after another intruded and...well, it's been waiting for me to get back to it. Which I plan to do THIS November during NANO.

But that's not the new project that's interested me of late. No, this idea is for...

Wait for it....

A paranormal romantic comedy mystery set of four books. Because I want them to come out fairly close together...maybe one a month for four months near the start of 2021...I'm going to hold these close until at least two are finished. At the moment my inspiration covers look like this:

Sound like something you'd like to read? Well, I'm hoping so. Rather than go trawling for a traditional publsher on these, they'll be Indied under my 3 Media Press banner. They'll be available much faster that way.

In the meantime, I think the blurb under the covers -- and possibly the titles -- says it all for now. I'll keep you informed, so keep your eye peeled in 2021 for the Witcher-Wolf Detection series.