From the Pen of

Beth Henderson

 March 2020


Queen's Cache

January 2020


Nikrova's Passion and

Auntie Mommie

October 2019

Tough Act To Follow

September 2019

Second Time Around

December 2018

Seducing Santa

November 2018

Superstar returns

The Stroke of Twelve

September 2018

Landing Fletch Layton

Not Quite An Angel

August  2015

A love that never dies


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Queen’s Cache

Maternal Instincts

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A Week ‘Til The Wedding

e-book edition

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Loving Trixie Fine

With Letty James

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Auntie Mommie

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Desperate Measures

Regency Novella e-book


Seducing Santa, Ring in the New,

Mr. Angel, Mr. Far From Perfect,

Nikrova’s Passion, Arden’s Touch,

At Twilight, Paramour*, Lucky

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*previous title Paradise In His Arms

and author changed to Beth Henderson




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Nikrova’s Passion, Arden’s Touch

 Mr. Far From Perfect,

Ring in the New, Mr. Angel

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Mr. Far From Perfect

Ring in the New*

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Scheherazade E-Books

*Previous title New Year’s Eve



At Twilight

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Maternal Instincts

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Seducing Santa

Silhouette Your’s Truly



Harlequin Historicals



A Week ‘Til The Wedding

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Saved By The Bell Series

(written as Beth Cruise)

Fireside Manners,

Picture Perfect,

Surf’s Up, Screech in Love,


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New Year’s Eve

Mr. Angel

Silhouette Special Edition



Saved By The Bell Series

(written as Beth Cruise)

Operation: Clean Sweep,

Scene One, Take Two

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Silk and Stone

(written as Lisa Dane)

Berkley Publicating

Different Worlds Series



Paradise In His Arms

(written as Elizabeth Daniels)

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Diamonds and Denim,

Ribbons and Rawhide

(written as Lisa Dane)

Berkley Publishing

Different World Series


Fortune and Folly

Zebra Books

Lucky in Love Series



Queen’s Cache

M. Evans and Company


Bird of Paradise

(written as Elizabeth Daniels)

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Nikrova’s Passion,

Arden’s Touch

M. Evans and Company


BETH HENDERSON spent a dozen years writing and rewriting the same three books during the 1980s but all those rewrites paid off via a romance spinning career now 30 years long.


Romantic-comedy and historical romantic adventure are her forte, but the story that took the longest to tell – nearly 30 years, because it was nothing like her other stories – is still the one featuring the hero she’d run away with if he crooked his finger her way. Yeah, she’s given her heart to Paul Montgomery of SUPERSTAR.


Find her on Facebook at  or @Beth__Henderson on Twitter.

Currently Working On

a contemporary romantic suspense with a musician hero

stalked by a mad man and a PI heroine determined to get between the two

working title: GHOST NOTES


For another tale of romance and danger with a musician hero...


Paul is my favorite of all the heroes I've written about. He was even before I finished writing the book.

For a tale about the origins of the story, and how long Paul kept nudging me to tell it -- plus the play list of songs and performances that could  be Paul's, check

under MORE in the menu above.

Find it at Amazon by clicking on the cover on the left.

Historical romantic adventure...but in the latter part of the 20th century -- 1964-1994

19th century American West Historical Adventure

Currently available at Amazon -- click on cover

for instant transportation to the title




Looking for a short story

to wile away a lunch hour

or lazy day?


You'll find

"The Game at Eden's Hill"

in the "More" section

of the menu above.


ROMANTIC COMEDY appeal to you more?


Click on cover for direct link to Amazon

  Currently Available in Ebook and Trade Paperback only at Amazon
Coming in January and March 2020 -- Romantic Suspense Comedy set in 1989 and 1990
Available Now!

It was a vacation.

Meet her mother's best friend from childhood but more importantly enjoy the National Portrait Gallery. Portraits were what she enjoyed painting.

But a chance encounter with an attractive and quirky stranger at Heathrow put her not only in the wrong place at the right time, it added the possibility of jail or worse to her itinerary!

He held the secret to the treasure trove of an ancient queen's tomb lost for centuries in Yemen and didn't know it. 

But that didn't matter. To keep the secret -- and profit --

for themselves, others

were willing to kill him.

When he ran into the girl he loved and lost in college,

well, it was time to go on the run because her life was at risk, too.

Something a bit different


...where science, danger, intrigue, comedy and love meet

It's not just the beakers in the lab that are heating up!

Find an excerpt under "More" in the menu above