Bits from Reviews of RAVEN'S MOON

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“I liked Bram's character, trying to figure out who and what he is in the real world, and where he stands. The complications of who has good intentions, and who is out for power or more nefarious things had me guessing throughout the entire story. Hints were dropped, and I found myself muddling along side Bram. Some of the twists I suspected, some I considered and rejected, only to have it all turn around on me. I think it was a combination of the knowledge of a wide variety of legendary creatures and Bram's own self-awareness that really made me love this story. The world and character building were very well done. The humor of a dachshund shaped hellhound and other characters certainly made the read even better for me though.


“Raven's Moon is a wonderful start to a series, and I will be reading the next book as soon as it is available, but for now I am going to get my hands on the prequels.”

“[Bram] is not alone in this adventure. With him we have the faithful and fantastic Dachshund from Hell. And yes, I intend it literally! It's a real Hellhound who usually keep[s] the form of a dachshund. So, yeah, a real dachshund from hell. How cool is that??? And Satan himself took a liking for our PI and helps him out here and there. And he is the best. Those are the characters that I really liked!


“But we won't stop here! We have a ton of different magical creatures and this is a thing that I really appreciate in a book. We have hellhounds, witches, vampires, trolls, and many many others!


”…I have no doubt that I would read the second book in this series, because I can't wait to see again the Dachshund From Hell!”

"In this first installment of a meta urban fantasy, Dane (Getting Rid of Murray, 2018, etc.) slathers on the silliness, thick and often...Memorable characters aid and abet this agile narrative... Fabulous in its own right is the way Bram takes the reigns of identity from his author and solidifies this fresh concept for further escapades. Urban fantasy fans should savor this confident series opener that questions the writer-character relationship.  Kirkus Reviews

"A superpowered fictional PI gets pulled off his book’s pages and into reality to probe into supernatural crimes plaguing modern-day Detroit in this promising metafictional series opener..... Dane gradually lays the groundwork, but picks up the keep the whole narrative gripping."  Publishers Weekly

"I actually really enjoyed this book! It's a bit quirky and a mash up of some of my favourite genres - it's like Sam Spade met up with some really cool PNR characters...Raven is kind of rough around the edges but that kind of appealed to me. There are a few unusual shifter types, not just your usual weres and vampires and demons. There's treachery afoot though and not all of Bram's allies are actually there to help... I am looking forward to the next book in the series in the hope that PT & Bram might get ...Closer? I really enjoyed this book from a new to me author!" Vine Voice

"Best of all though is a Hellhound masquerading as a Dachshund ! Totally a bizarre idea but one I very much enjoyed. Expect Demons, Witches, Trolls, Vampires and of course a very unusual portrayal of the Devil himself."
"Lots of unusual creatures. Lots of conflicts. A little confusing at times but overall a good book."
"An unusual and excellent urban fantasy, engrossing and entertaining.
I appreciated the well written cast of characters, the great world building and the gripping plot. It's the first book I read by this author and won't surely be the last.  Recommended!"
"...very well written, since [from] the first page you can dive deep into the storyline."
"This book was very good. A lot of twists & turns you don't see coming!...
Did I mention there is an adorable hellhound the size of a dachshund that helps him fight when he gets in trouble? "  5* too!

"Raven's Moon by J.B. Dane, a fun quick read. Raven has been called forth

from his books and quickly comes to realize that not everything is as he thought it was."

"Dane has a fine comedic sense. The hell hound side kick provided by Callie

takes the form of a red eyed dachshund.  Trolls own dive bars, succubi are street walkers, vampire assistants are known as renfields, and best of all Satan morphs from a s[t]ag into [a] beer drinking laid back guy. The writing is face paced; the dialog crackles. ...The author['s] superior sense of style bode[s] well for this new series. I look forward to book 2"

“This first volume of the saga is a total declaration of intentions about its future…[it has] a good ending with a huge twist I wasn’t expecting… Bram is comedy gold if you happen to enjoy sarcasm, dark humor and caustic comebacks. He uses all of that as a self-defense mechanism and a way to cope with all the crazy expectations thrown into his shoulders.”

5* "A contemporary setting full of magical beings! Woo hoo. What a read!”

"Interesting! The story line is one not often used, but the writer makes it fun

with nifty characters and good world building!"

"Otherworld evil is loose in the real world where Bram Farrell, private eye,

must track down and destroy it before it destroys him. Dane’s characters jump off the pages. It’s a job he’s done before in twenty books. Believe me, he’s up to the challenge in this new series." 

Marianne Guess, New and Olde Pages Book Shoppe

"If you enjoy fiction with tongue-in-cheek, sarcasm and snark “Raven” in this fresh incarnation absolutely delivers. The author freely admits, for example, perfectly fit within the storyline to always hiding a clue to solving the mysteries very early in every work which pays off successfully in the final chapter.

"I love the way the story functions on multiple levels for a first reader of the series making one want to go back and read the previous tales to fully understand everything while also being a fun “dessert” for the many fully-addicted heavy readers of the series who may have been with the sleuth for as long as twenty years.

"Simultaneously, it is fun fantasy just as is for someone who likes that and meanwhile, for any aspiring author wanting to learn how to (literally!) bring characters to life."