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Book 1 of

The Raven Tales Novels

Kindle Release

September 16th, 2019

Trade paperback

October 1st, 2019


A Nick Claus, Pole Security Case

in the

CASE FILES Spring Anthology

May 23rd, 2019


e-book release

December 2018


e-book release

December 2018


e-book release

December 2018


e-book release

December 2018


a Nick Claus, Pole Security Case,

urban fantasy/mystery

December 2018

Tell-Tale Press's

Winter Holiday Anthology


Fairytale Comedy

e-book release

December 2018


A Raven Tales Prequel

Novella (#3)

e-book and trade paperback

December 2018


(previously titled



A Raven Tales Prequel Novella (#2)

e-book and trade paperback

December 2018


a Raven Tales Prequel

Novella (#1)

e-book and trade paperback

August 2018

"The Dragon's Tale"

fairytale fantasy



an anthology from Damnation Press, 2011

"Getting Rid of Murray"


appeared in the 2006 Fall/Winter edition of Great Mystery and Suspense Magazine



Book Two of The Raven Tales

Arrives in 2020

RAVEN'S MOON is now available for Kindle

and in trade paperback

at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Raven Tales Book One, An Urban Fantasy Mystery Comedy Novel


Bram Farrell, private investigator, has starred in twenty bestselling novels by writer—and witch—Calista Amberson. Her fans love the tall, dark, and handsome PI who uses magical powers to vanquish supernatural bad guys. So, when Calista uses her magic to pull Bram from his fictional world into real-world, modern-day Detroit, she rocks both worlds. Now Bram must track down and destroy otherworld evil

before it destroys him.



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Bits from Reviews of RAVEN'S MOON

(Tried to keep the excerpts varied)

"In this first installment of a meta urban fantasy, Dane (Getting Rid of Murray, 2018, etc.)

slathers on the silliness, thick and often...Memorable characters aid and abet this agile narrative...

Fabulous in its own right is the way Bram takes the reigns of identity from his author

and solidifies this fresh concept for further escapades.

Urban fantasy fans should savor this confident series opener

that questions the writer-character relationship.  Kirkus Reviews

"A superpowered fictional PI gets pulled off his book’s pages and into reality to probe into

supernatural crimes plaguing modern-day Detroit in this promising metafictional series opener.....

Dane gradually lays the groundwork, but picks up the keep the whole narrative gripping."  Publishers Weekly

"I actually really enjoyed this book! It's a bit quirky and a mash up of some of my favourite genres -

it's like Sam Spade met up with some really cool PNR characters...Raven is kind of rough
around the edges but that kind of appealed to me. There are a few unusual shifter types,
not just your usual weres and vampires and demons. There's treachery afoot though and not all of Bram's allies are actually there to help... I am looking forward to the next book in the series in the hope that PT & Bram might get ...Closer? I really enjoyed this book from a new to me author!" Vine Voice
"Best of all though is a Hellhound masquerading as a Dachshund ! Totally a bizarre idea but one I very much enjoyed. Expect Demons, Witches, Trolls, Vampires and of course a very unusual portrayal of the Devil himself."
"Lots of unusual creatures. Lots of conflicts. A little confusing at times but overall a good book."
"An unusual and excellent urban fantasy, engrossing and entertaining.
I appreciated the well written cast of characters, the great world building and the gripping plot.
It's the first book I read by this author and won't surely be the last.  Recommended!"
"...very well written, since [from] the first page you can dive deep into the storyline."
"This book was very good. A lot of twists & turns you don't see coming!...Did I mention there is an adorable hellhound the size of a dachshund that helps him fight when he gets in trouble? "  5* too!

"Raven's Moon by J.B. Dane, a fun quick read. Raven has been called forth from his books

and quickly comes to realize that not everything is as he thought it was."

"Dane has a fine comedic sense. The hell hound side kick provided by Callie

takes the form of a red eyed dachshund.  Trolls own dive bars,

succubi are street walkers, vampire assistants are known as renfields,

and best of all Satan morphs from a s[t]ag into [a] beer drinking laid back guy.

The writing is face paced; the dialog crackles. ...

The author['s] superior sense of style bode[s] well for this new series. I look forward to book 2"

“This first volume of the saga is a total declaration of intentions about its future…

[it has] a good ending with a huge twist I wasn’t expecting…

Bram is comedy gold if you happen to enjoy sarcasm, dark humor and caustic comebacks.

He uses all of that as a self-defense mechanism and a way to cope with

all the crazy expectations thrown into his shoulders.”

5* "A contemporary setting full of magical beings! Woo hoo. What a read!”

"Interesting! The story line is one not often used, but the writer makes it fun

with nifty characters and good world building!"

"Otherworld evil is loose in the real world where Bram Farrell, private eye,

must track down and destroy it before it destroys him.

Dane’s characters jump off the pages.

It’s a job he’s done before in twenty books.

Believe me, he’s up to the challenge in this new series."

Marianne Guess, New and Olde Pages Book Shoppe

J.B. DANE is a pseudonym of a multi-published, multi-genre novelist who goes by many names. Not because she is in Witness Protection. Really not in Witness Protection. Really. She may start hiding from citizens of Detroit since her Raven Tales urban fantasy comedic mysteries have populated their fair city with neighbors who might be supernatural, paranormal or legendary beasts…or not so beasts…but probably ARE beasts. They could be

hungry, too.

Of course, there are those visits to the North Pole to see how Nick Claus is doing as head of Santa Corp's security division.


She might (or might not) be found at the website , but leave a message to be picked up by a disguised courier and delivered

to a secret location.

Ditto on Facebook via

or @JBDaneWriter on Twitter.

Nick Claus, North Pole Security Stories

It's spring at the North Pole and in Nick Claus's security office thoughts are turning to...trouble.

A problem that the Claus family was supposed to take care of and then lost track of centuries ago.

It's up to Nick to sort out

"The Prime Crone's Legacy"

Find this 2nd Nick Claus mystery/comedy short story in CASE FILES: CREATURES

Available for Kindle NOW!

Just finished a 3rd Nick Claus tale for the 3rd volume of THE CASE FILES, due out in Spring 2020


But you can find the 1st Nick Claus

story, "A Parcel of Pups", in the Winter Holidays CASE FILES -- click on either CREATURES or WINTER HOLIDAY covers to be whisked magically to the spot on Amazon where acquisition can be made without writing a letter to Nick's dad. You know, Santa.



The Raven Tale Prequels are serialized (at first) novellas detailing cases Bram solved between the 20 volumes the totally fictional Calista Amberson wrote. These begin "life" serialized in the blog, but not all of them. Still, once a serialized tale is complete, it will join the others at Amazon. Swing by the blog (link in Menu) to see what tale might be in progress.

It's not only prequels to look for, but now that RAVEN'S MOON is available, there will be shorter, novella length stories that fall between the novels to show Bram's not just sitting around catching up on his movie watching. I'm calling those "Between the Books" tales to differentiate them from the Prequels. Right now, we just have prequels though.  The first "Between" story is "The Raven: Demon Sale" and will available Spring of get everyone fired up for the second novel's release, naturally.

Anyway, this means while Bram's still in Detroit in the prequels, it's the Detroit he "used" to live in and his finances aren't in...well, he's scrounging for cases, which is the way Calie wrote him.

Here's what's currently available: 

RAVEN FOR A SONG  A teenage siren fears she's the next victim targeted by a serial killer known as The Leech. Can -- or even should -- PI Bram Farrell, aka The Raven, save her before her powers blossom and she becomes a killer herself?


MOCK RAVEN (previously titled THE RAVEN AND THE PHILOSOPHER'S PET) provides yet another Otherworlder or so that needs to be taken down via Raven style justice...which tends to mean not only magic, but sarcasm will be in play.  It's a given. But there's also a killer masquerading as Bram and there's only room for one Raven in Detroit.

RAVEN'S REST  This is the prequel that falls just before RAVEN'S MOON. Bram's stuck looking for a missing Holmes -- yes, Sherlock -- and sorting out why the world's only consulting detective had stray fairy wings and elf shot in his laboratory. The trail leads to a place our hero would rather not visit -- a woods that is very, very hungry.

And the new serialization has begun with

THE RAVEN AND THE ANCIENT  It isn't bad enough that paranormal, supernatural, and legendary beings gone wrong fall under Bram's long list of things to track, now one of the guys from ancient Assyria has arrived in Detroit. What's a guy to do when one of the old gods comes knocking?

Find it under "JB Dane Blog" in the "More" section of the menu above. New episodes before the end of the year (2019, that is) -- Bram and I hope!

In Progress on Blog

New Covers to go more with look of Novel cover


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