Beth Henderson



An ancient treasure, the tomb of a lost queen,

a rekindled romance,

and death to be dodged while a puzzle is solved!

Romantic suspense 

set in 1990



This is the first title a publisher went to contract on -- published first in May 1990.

I've "frozen" it in the past so it still plays out in 1989! 

Romantic-Suspense but also Romantic-Comedy!


Epic decade-scanning romance of soulmates

who find love

isn't always enough.


Rock 'n' roll and high fashion in the later 20th century (1964-1994)

Not only the hero I'd run away with, but readers indicate they would too

with 5* reviews


In desperate need of some romantic comedy

in your reading material?

Go for one of the 

SW of Cincy Romances


is currently priced

at 99 cents, by the way!

Love and adventure in the 19th century, be it in a mining town, San Francisco, aboard an eastbound train, on a clipper ship or a steam luxury liner, or even along the coast of Britain during the Regency...


The heroes are dashing, the heroines are feisty

and danger is in the air! 

J.B. Dane 

Magic slinging PI Bram Farrell,

aka The Raven, has arrived in

the first Raven Tales novel

Click on the cover for

RAVEN'S MOON at Amazon for Kindle or trade paperback

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But you can also meet him in

prequel adventures he did before he learned

he was fictional and got pulled

into the "real" world.

It isn't that different from

the fictional Detroit in which

he tracked down paranormal, supernatural and legendary characters gone wrong,

so...same ole, same ole.

RAVEN'S REST is the prequel

that leads into the first novel,


A click on the cover

takes you to it for Kindle

like it was magic!

RavensRestBandlpub_ (3) (1).jpg

Just what everyone needs

...yet another snarky guy

solving crimes, right?

Well, we've got one.

Meet Rip Patterson who

spins tales that are always

bestsellers while keeping Earth safe from nefarious things visiting the blue marble..

He's a covert agent,


won't be his last appearance

in the JB Dane library.

But this is the first!